Day: August 26, 2018


You lose your motivation and your drive when you lose your focus! ~ You have to continually expose yourself to the things that motivate you and inspire you to keep pushing! ~ It’s your duty to keep your eye on the prize, focus on the outcome you want and know exactly what it would look […]

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Girl Code 101

When I created Girl Code 101, I wanted to make sure I built something that would allow people from all over the world to be involved, to learn together and grow together. ~ I dreamt of building a movement. A space where people could come together to support each other and help one another on […]

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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday to you all. It’s time to get excited about the day ahead and feel good about yourself and the life you are creating! • When you feel good everything else around you starts to fall into place and you start to feel more confident and certain about the future! • So how do […]

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