5 Ways to Really Experience This Crazy, Beautiful Life 🌴

Many of us reach the end of our lives and feel a blend of equal parts regret, shame and guilt. For in having the gift of life, we render it insignificant by not honoring it. Sadly, a large percentage of our lives is spent idling, floating around, getting by or working.
You don’t have to be that person. Contemplate what you want to accomplish, who you want to be, where you want to go.
Here are some tips to accelerate your the potential for growth along each curve in your individual journey to success.
Shake it off.
Life is sometimes out of our control. The only thing you can control is the extent to which it affects you. Think of something that’s been bothering you and pick today to move on from it.
Give someone a break today. Don’t demand perfection from those around you. Maybe tomorrow you’ll realize they were on the right track all along.
Pick somewhere you’ve never been to and plan your next trip. It can be difficult to seek out inspiration in the same old places.
Teach what you learn.
Have you learned something useful or interesting this week? Pass that knowledge on to someone else. Sharing information is the best way to remember it.
Have faith.
Trust your instincts and do something you’ve been hesitating over. No one is always right, but if you don’t trust yourself now, you’re likely to regret it later.

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