Episode 62: That's On PERIOD! Part 1-PURPOSE

Hey! If you're reading this, you have purpose, and THAT'S ON PERIOD!

The necessity to find your purpose as well as pursue it, is one of the most vital things you'll ever do in your life. It not only applies to you, but it will determine the legacy you leave behind when you're gone.

Some times people thing that your purpose has to be this major thing that gains you money and fame. Not to say anything is wrong with this, but what if your purpose doesn't do that? Will you still fulfill it at 100% capacity, or will you do the bare minimum in an effort to say that you did?

When you hear the term, 'That's on period,' what do you think?

Working with teenage girls, I heard it ALL THE TIME! My first time hearing it, my first thought was, 'why are y'all saying something that was already implied at the end of the sentence?" Overtime, I learned that it was putting emphasis on how serious something was. It was putting the FINAL say so on something. That hit me so hard because basically you're putting a stamp on what you're stating or what you want! you're finalizing it, and believing that it will be set in stone. THAT'S ON PERIOD!

So, when it comes to your purpose, you have to be serious about it, and believe that the FINAL SAY SO is, I'M GOING TO FIND MY PURPOSE! I won't leave this Earth with untapped potential, and allow my purpose to be swept under the rug of my life. Your purpose is YOUR responsibility to see through until the end. Everyone has one.

Here are some tips to help you not only find your purpose, but pursue it at full capacity.

  1. What's your purpose?

This isn't me being funny. This is me putting you in the mindset to think about what your purpose is. Take some time to sit and thing about it. What gives you drive to get out of the bed in the morning? What gives you fulfillment and understanding about what you're suppose to be doing? What's your purpose?

2. Get Understanding

Once you've discovered your purpose, get understanding. This is HUGE because people learn their purpose, then they run off, and start doing things all unplanned and out of order, and then get to a crossroads and will say, 'Well, maybe this wasn't my purpose." Get understanding of what it is that you're suppose to be doing. Get around some people that are ahead of you in their purpose, and glee from them. Do your research. Look at different trial and error situations. GET UNDERSTANDING.

3. Don't Despise Your Purpose

Whether big or small, your purpose plays a part. Don't despise it because it's not a millionaire purpose. I read an article where Fredrick Douglas' DESCENDANTS got to quote his Independence speech. HIS DESCENDANTS! The legacy that he left behind, the fulfillment of his purpose, provided something for his DESCENDANTS to pick up, and run with when he died. Will you fulfill your pursue at a capacity that will give YOUR descendants something to run with when you're gone?

Don't forget to tune in next Sunday for Part 2 of this series, "THAT'S ON PERIOD!

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