Episode 63: That's On PERIOD! Part 2-Endurance

Endurance requires PATIENCE. That's on PERIOD!

Without patience, it's impossible to maintain endurance, and you NEED endurance. Endurance keeps you from bailing out on what you're destined for long before you get there. It keeps you hungry for the next thing, while at the same time exhausted with what you're already managing.

I remember when I joined weight lifting in high school, and the coach started me off with just the bar. I was like, "What?!" However, I learned that day, that if I'd started with weights, I wouldn't have been able to do it, or lasted doing weight lifting. I had to begin the process of lifting the already heavy bar. Build endurance. Learn to withstand what is already given, so you can build a foundation for what you have to build on top of it later.

Endurance is a driving force. It competes with where you are, and challenges it to move some more. That's what you need to push forward, and achieve what is desired of you. Now, I would be a liar if I said gaining endurance is easy. It's difficult. It pulls you out of your comfort zone, and introduces you to another level of challenges. Though it's hard, it's worth it. Here are 4 tips to help you gain endurance.

  1. Don't Get Comfortable

This is every successful and unsuccessful person's challenge. Naturally, we want to be in a place of comfort. Relaxation. Be in a place where we know everything and we're the one in charge. Endurance cannot develop in you for the long hall if you've gotten too comfortable at a level that you were not meant to stay at!

2. Keep Adding On

When I finally built the endurance for the bar in weightlifting, it was time to add on some weights. Why? Because I had officially graduated from the beginners level, learned everything that I needed to learn, and it was time to add on something new. Once you've built endurance for something, it's time to add on something else. When you're able to walk for 15 minutes on your health journey, without being short of breath, and wanting to quit, now it's time to start jogging a bit. Endurance can't happen, if you never add onto what you know already.

3. Don't Quit When It Gets Difficult

This is the one that eliminates people before they really get going: Quitting when things get hard. Prepare yourself for this....IT WILL BE HARD! Things won't always go as planned. Life happens, but that doesn't mean you quit just because there's a kink in your plan. Instead, reroute your plan, but don't cancel it.

4. Envision The Outcome

This is a mind over matter tactic. Some times when things get rough, you're exhausted, overwhelmed and ready to walk out, envisioning the outcome lights a fire right back underneath you to keep going. Channel your mind in on what it is that you're fighting for: That business, that diploma, that weight goal. See yourself on the other side of how you're feeling now, and let that keep you motivated to keep pushing.

It will be well worth it when everything is said and done, and that's on PERIOD!

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