Episode 65: That's On Period-Part 4: Invest

You need to invest in yourself. THAT'S ON PERIOD! I am not talking about money. Most of the time when people hear the word 'invest,' they automatically assume someone is referring to money. However, there are just some things that money can't buy.

When I looked up the definition of invest, it is defined as "attributing to something of value." Yes. You have value.

It's amazing how we strip away at our value due to the words and actions of others in the past who's hurt us. Some of us have had their entire brain changed to think that they aren't worth space, and they truly start to believe it!

But I'm here to tell you that you do have value, and you should invest everything you have into developing into the person that you want to be. When people think of investing, they choose their prospects to invest in based on what came to be reciprocated back to them. Something that will give them a solid return on their investing.

When I was in 10th grade, I wanted to be in a calendar that the school was doing. I was unaware that it was a pageant. I don't do pageants, well, at least I didn't. My math teacher heard about me wanted to do the calendar, but not the pageant because I KNEW I wasn't going to win, and she tore into me. She told me to not have that mindset when I have so much potential. She invests time to make sure that I had the application, a dress, and made sure I was there. Needless to say, I WON. TWICE! I went back and did the pageant the next year, and won. My teacher invested what she knew could produce something great. The joy on her face when I won was something I'd never forget. You should be your top priority always. That may seem selfish, but you can't fill someone up if you're on E! invest in yourself. Here are some tips to help.

1. YOU Have to Know That You Have Value Before anything else, you have to discover the fact that you have value. No matter what people have said about you or to you in the past, you need to develop an understanding that no one should dictate your value. You bring a lot to the table, and if someone can't understand that, or is intimated by that, then you need to move from that table to another or create your table.

2. Don't Discount Yourself This was me. I was always trying to downgrade my gifts and talents to make someone feels comfortable, and I was always stripping myself, and making myself feel small. You can't make yourself feel small for the comfortable and EGO of others. If people can't accept you at full capacity, then they don't need you at all. 3. KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY THAT YOU INVEST IN OTHERS WHEN IT COMES TO YOURSELF You ever scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see someones else succeed, and you're cheering and loving their business, their drive and everything, and when it's time to apply into yourself, you're like whatever. NO, NO, NO, keep that same energy! It's amazing how we go time for everyone else's dreams, goals, and vision, but we slack concerning ours! Get up make that business plan, get excited that getting healthy, talk to the councils at your school about starting classes again. KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY!

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