Episode 66: That's On PERIOD Part 5: Opportunity

The opportunity will be available to you. THAT'S ON PERIOD!

I think when I consider all of the different places in my life, there were always opportunities that arise that either took me to the next path in my life, or I had to watch go by because I wasn't in a position to receive it. Yes, opportunities can come, and you miss them out of NOT being in the right place to get it.

I work with teens, but sometimes I get to work with the younger girls. I was passing out cupcakes one day, and there were two flavors; chocolate and vanilla. I asked each girl at each table which one they wanted, and each girl who was sitting down following directions got to chose her cupcake flavor. However, this one little girl chose not to be in her seat when I was passing them out and missed the opportunity to choose what flavor she wanted. She was NOT happy, but because she was not in a position, she missed her opportunity.

However, when you're in a place where you've been doing all you can do and making the necessary steps to gain all you can, the opportunity will find you. Always. Opportunity looks for people to throw themselves on. So, when it comes to what you need to do in order the secure and open line with opportunity, you have to make sure that you are working in your waiting season.

Opportunity doesn't always come at the drop of a hat. Or when we snap our fingers, it doesn't just appear. It takes time. Things are being set into motion right at this moment while you're waiting. Connections are being made for you right where you are right now. This doesn't give you the time to sit with your legs crossed waiting on it though. This is where a lot of people miss the moment. While you're waiting, you need to be working! Getting your foundation together, getting the things that are needed to hold this opportunity together, so that way when it comes, you should never have tried to scrabble at the last minute to get it together, because when the opportunity comes, you want to be able to celebrate it and take full advantage of it.

Here are some tips to help you handle the opportunity:

  1. Patience!

This is so important because we are a "Microwave Generation." We want stuff to happen immediately, and if it doesn't, then we're moving on. That the wrong mindset to have. Opportunity shows up at the right time, not your time. So, have some patience. When the time is right, the opportunity will show up.

2. Work While You Wait

This goes right back to what I said earlier. Your waiting season isn't coded for: Sit back, and wait for the magic. It means to have everything that you can together, so when it happens, you don't lose it trying to balance opportunity and other things that should have been done.

3. Every Opportunity Isn't YOUR Opportunity

WHAT?.....I know. Have you ever heard of an opportunist? They pounce of EVERY GIVEN OPPORTUNITY. No matter if it's good or bad. That's not okay. What's for you, is for you. You won't have to brow-nose, and a backbite to get ahead. The opportunity will present itself in a way that provides you with clarity, and a clear consequence about it.

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