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Episode 68: That's On PERIOD-PART 7: Transformation


I bet you're thinking, "Why did you add the T in period?" Well, teenagers will teach and inspire you far beyond what you THINK you know. One day I said, "Period!" with my teens, and one of them saying, "Ms. Ashley, you're saying it wrong. It's PERIODT." Obviously, I was taken aback, but then it hit me! After you discovered your purpose, and you've endured the things that were thrown at you, and you take responsibility for your purpose, begin the process of investing yourself, been given the opportunity to advance, and remain determined, then you will arrive at your transformation.

Transformation is a beautiful thing. It can be hard, but beautiful. The process of becoming a butterfly is the perfect example. The caterpillar literally squeezes into this tiny cacoon and waits until the perfect to break out of the cacoon. There is literal shedding of the blood getting out of the cocoon. However, when it has finished the process, and everything needed, it becomes a beautiful butterfly; gorgeous colors, the ability to fly, everything. That's exactly how your transformation is coming along. You're coming out of your cocoon!

So, now does this mean that you remain stagnant once you've arrived? NOPE! You have to maintain that awesome person that you've transformed into. When you get a really cute haircut, you don't just do nothing, and expect the cut to maintain itself. You have to go get that trimmed every couple of weeks. You have to constantly be looking for ways to add to your transformed self. How do you go about doing that?

  1. Keeping Working

I remember when I took Spanish in college. Not going to lie, I was fantastic at vocabulary. I went twice a week for two a half hours. I use to even have the little girls that I worked with at the time, hold the cards up as I responded with corresponding word. (the answers were on the back for the girls to know. LOL) But the moment I passed the class, moved on, and stopped learning Spanish, I lost it. I mean, I can barely remember anything! I could have learned the language had I kept working. That applies to your transformation. Just because you made it doesn't mean you stop adding onto the person that you've become. Always look for ways to improve, ways to excel beyond what you could imagine. It's that mindset that gives your transformation even more quality.

2. Never Go Back

That caterpillar I talked about earlier can never go back to that cocoon. Why? Because it has outgrown it, and that cocoon is now that BUTTERFLIES past. That butterfly is not interested in going back to that small space, it has wings now! It's beautiful and can do way more than what I could before. That's YOU! Never go back to the person that you fought so hard to get away from. We all have something that want to go to, but we tend to go back to the old thing. Nope! Don't go back. Keep moving forward to the things and that you've desired.

3. You're A Testimony

People's testimonies are effective methods of helping others feel like they can make it. They are also beneficial for those who feel like their alone. Some times we feel like we're the only ones you are in this place, but your testimony is the force to help them realize that they are not on this journey by themselves. Once you've gotten to your transformation, when you're ready, don't forget to tell your story. Let someone who needs to know to hear it. What you've learned on the way, share it with someone who's on that way right now.


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