Women Are Getting Married Less And Less — And The Reason Why Might Shock You

By Amanda Chatel There was once a very good reason for women to lock it down with a man: Men offered something that we, as women, needed. Men were hunters, providers, and protectors, while women took on the role of child-rearing and maintaining a home. These were our biological roles, the natural order of how things […]

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What It’s Like When The Person You Love Changes Completely

It’s hard to imagine how complex long term relationships can be until you’re actually in them. We tend to think that when we’re there, we’re there and it’s going to last – but like anything else, there are a variety of dynamics that ebb and flow over time, and sometimes people can change pretty dramatically. […]

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18 Reasons Not To Send Naked Photos, No Matter How Much He Asks

Sending naked selfies might be a thing right now, but it’s not necessarily something most of us are comfortable with. And besides, just because he asks doesn’t mean you need to oblige. If he asked if he could start sleeping with other women, would you be okay with that, too? Doubtful. Here are 18 reasons […]

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